The Process Of Designing and creating perfect products every time

The only way to design your project

Every individual, when it comes to design have requirements that are unique and unlike any other. Many manufactures offer a consultancy to all clients so they can advise you on what will be best for your needs. Stuart Pease offer a production process to help and inform about fibreglass.

For any project, the first step is to define the reason for functioning and the features of your ideal component.

Seeing your design for the first time

At the beginning stages, your designed concept will be converted into a 3D CAD model, where a specification will be made so a production process can be planned.

A range of advanced technologies in the design and analysis of complex engineering concepts is essential for creating the best automation vehicles and technologies. Such tools allow our engineers to turn these concepts into technically viable solutions.

Continual investment in hardware and software helps to maintain a company’s standing as a design house with an international reputation for mechanical and structural design.

Computer Aided Design

Design software such as CATIA and Solidworks allows designs to be generated in 3 dimensional space allowing the client and engineer to gain a full understanding of any constraints.

The 3 dimensional models may then be used to generate presentations and manufacturing drawings. Direct interfaces within the software allow finite element calculations to be performed or exported to ANSYS for more advanced finite element techniques.