The Advantages & Benefits of having Automatic Doors for your Business

Importance of automatic doors

Automatic doors have been popular for the last 70 years as they not only offer convenience, but have other benefits such as being energy efficient and hygienic. You can contact us here.

Top Benefits

Automatic doors are highly accessible. As these doors open and close without the use of hands, this means that everybody with luggage, children or buggies can access your shop easily. This is why they are most typically used in shopping centres and commercial buildings.

There are many different types of automatic doors, so we recommend visiting this website to see what the best type is for your business.

No matter the ages or physical ability of your customer, they are able to enter the building with ease. This means that access is available to everybody and you are not restricting who can enter your shop.

Automatic doors can save money on your energy bills. This occurs by reducing annual cooling and heating costs as the doors are only activated through motion sensors, preventing heat escaping from open doors.

Sanitation is vital in places such as hospitals and businesses in the food industry, which is why automatic doors offer a great solution due to their hands-free properties. Also, having an air-tight function will prevent dust and dirt from entering the room.

Who Can You Choose to Install Your Automatic Doors?

There are many companies in the UK that supplies and fits automatic doors, but you want somebody that you can trust. This is why we recommend using Erreka Auto Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd.

Their years of experience in the industry mean that they have extensive knowledge as to what the right automatic doors are for your business. Call 01275 871787 to discuss your requirements.

Erreka’s customer service has been rated as one of the best in the UK industry. Find out about the Erreka Experience here.