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Our skills and technical ability enable us to turn complex engineering ideas into a technically viable reality by pulling together our expertise, knowledge and experience through our cross-discipline teamwork approach.

Our ability to consider all the key engineering disciplines concurrently through the design process shall enable all aspects of a design and manufacturability to be considered together and therefore result in a co-ordinated solution.

We provide engineering solutions from concept feasibility, detailed design, finite element and computational fluid analysis to production of full manufacturing drawings in many diverse industries.

Our area of expertise include tunnelling machinery, pipelines, nuclear lifting and handling systems, vessels, moveable bridges and structures, machinery design, sub-sea oil production and power generation. Read our glass works machinery page.

Because we have experience designing for both clients and manufacturers, we have the unique ability to deliver completed detailed designs that will open up the number of potential suppliers with the absolute knowledge of precisely what will be built and installed.

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